Innova Star Teebird3 - Holiday Disc 2018

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Have you been Naughty or Nice? Can’t decide? Let the new Christmas Star Teebird3 decide for you. Play it Naughty or spin it and play it Nice, for stable and accurate fairway shots. This 2-colour design features Santa and Krampus.

Innova's TeeBird could easily be coined as the mother of all modern Pro-level fairway drivers. If Innova's Destroyer is the Golden Standard of all distance drivers, the TeeBird enjoys similar recognition within fairway drivers. It has a combination of straight flight, stability and controllable speed that make it accurate and long flying both upwind and downwind.

Since it's very first release, the TeeBird has offered such a level of unmatched dependability and comfort that has made this disc a true player favourite. The versatility of this disc makes sure that there's room for good TeeBird in every bag. It's no wonder that the TeeBird in it’s different forms is most likely the most popular fairway driver in the world.

The TeeBird3 represents the evolution of the TeeBird. The TeeBird3 is faster with less glide, and has the same trusted turn and fade flight ratings as the original TeeBird. Many people have described a lot of discs as a “faster TeeBird”, but this is the real deal. The flat flight plate promotes speed while reducing glide, effectively producing consistent, accurate flights. This is a point and shoot, target specific fairway driver.

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