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The first ever Innova OverMold putter now available! Already seen in action by the 2-time World Champion Paul McBeth, this is a disc that can bring your game to a new level!

Nova is made especially with the putter throwers in mind. The Nova features an extremely neutral flight path, which does not turn over too easily, but also has a very straight finish even with slow speeds. This disc flies very easily even with very moderate power. The Nova also works perfectly for approach shots, as the extremely grippy rim material brings this disc to a stop very shortly after first contact with the ground. If you are looking for a no-skip, no-roll touch disc, Nova is you choice!

Kristo Vaikmaa

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Ära anna alla, kui Nova ei käitu Sinu soovidele vastavalt. Ketas on pingutamist väärt ja küll Sa ta alluma paned! Temaga saab väga palju erinevaid ja ägedaid jooni visata. Silm puhkab, kui saad ketta korralikult lendama. PS! Nova pole nii alastabiilne nagu alguses tundub

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